Thursday, October 15, 2020

GetRandomArgument Removed or Renamed

 I have a new found respect for those who develop and more specifically maintain add-ons when things can break without warning each patch/expansion. I had a couple macros making use of the GetRandomArgument function to randomize emotes expressed when putting up a pull timer or marking a priority kill target, and only discovered they were broken on raid night. Luckily I was at least prepared class change wise, and more importantly barber shop wise, so I had a bit of time to fiddle while others were figuring out other gameplay changes.

I plan to do a little more looking into the LUA code to see if there is still an equivalent function somewhere, but in the meantime my workaround was just to create an array of values and index into that with a random number (luckily that function still works). Maybe I'll get lucky and someone else will find a more elegant solution while I procrastinate. The array workaround eats up an extra 3-4 characters depending on whether or not you like to keep optional spaces in for readability, so it would be nice to have those characters available for other things given that macros can only be 255 characters total. Now that everyone is thoroughly confused, here is an example:

My original macro:
/run SetRaidTargetIcon("target",SecureCmdOptionParse('[btn:2][mod]7;8'))
/stopmacro [nocombat][btn:2][mod]
/run DoEmote(GetRandomArgument("helpme","attackmytarget","openfire"))
/s Please assist me in killing %t {rt8}!
/rw Please kill %t {rt8}!

My edited macro:
/run SetRaidTargetIcon("target",SecureCmdOptionParse('[btn:2][mod]7;8'))
/stopmacro [nocombat][btn:2][mod]
/run local e={"helpme","attackmytarget","openfire"} DoEmote(e[random(3)])
/s Please assist me in killing %t {rt8}!
/rw Please kill %t {rt8}!

Pretty trivial change, and probably more future proof in the long run. In case anyone is interest this macro just marks the target with an X and stops when the right mouse button is used, otherwise it marks the target with a skull. Additionally when in combat it emotes, asks for help in chat, and pops up a raid warning, because out of combat that would get a little annoying.

Hopefully this get caught by search engines so the next person to search for GetRandomArgument not working gets here instead of a useless bunch of outdated pages.

Friday, September 6, 2019

My First Add-On

I've been playing Warcraft Classic for a few days now when I have time, and I've finally sought out an add-on, a mana bar that shows when my druid is shape-shifted. I'm pretty sure this was also the first add-on I installed when I first started playing Warcraft. If I was asked what my first add-on was prior to Warcraft Classic I don't think I would have been able to answer. Such a silly little thing that eventually got baked into the standard UI and the add-on forgotten, but at the same time such important information to have.

Now I've only gone so far as to find and download the add-on so far, DruidBarClassic. I still need to install it and make sure it works next time I play, but I'm pretty optimistic.

We'll see if this leads to another cascade of ever increasing numbers of add-ons, or if my current minimalist outlook on add-ons will prevail.  A lot of that may be up to add-on developers since the availability of add-ons is pretty limited as compared to when I started playing near the beginning of the Burning Crusade.

Friday, February 8, 2019

Level Scaling Caps are a Mixed Blessing

In the past few months, or I support over the past year is more accurate, I've been working towards loremaster achievements with alts.  Particularly with the new allied races and the "new" level scaling changes.

I've run into a couple of annoyances: group quests for old content than cannot be soloed, and outleveling zone before finishing the content.  Both can be worked around, but both also sort of defeat the purpose of level scaling.  I can wait and come back when I outlevel the content in the case of group quests, and I can just keep completing gray quests and killing green mobs when I want to stick it out and finish a zone.

Ideally the group quests would be nerfed and/or made to be single player, and the level scaling scale to a higher level, just another 1-2 levels would be fine.

If they really wanted to get fancy they should dynamically change the level scaling cap based on what content you've played.  You could level up to the point of the current content (the character boost level) in whatever old content you wanted, but killing mobs or completing quests in the next content tier would snap the scaling for the previous content tier down.  For example you could quest to level 83 in vanilla content, but as soon as you started questing in Outland or Northrend the level camp for vanilla content would snap back to 60.

The whole point of the level scaling is to be able to quest along happily in whatever content you are working on without feeling you need to leave for greener pastures to actually progress, and right now that is broken along the boundaries between content tiers.

Some sort of compromise could be an NPC in Stormwind to toggle level scaling caps on or off.  That seems to be the go to solution for similar things.

Friday, February 1, 2019


I really like the paladin sound effects, and the visuals are pretty good too.  I'm not sure when they changed, but it was sometime after I abandoned my paladin in Cataclysm, and before I picked it back up in Legion just to see the class hall.

Maybe I've just been playing a druid so long that the growls and roars don't do it for me anymore.  I noticed they changed, but they don't excite me in the way the paladin sounds do.

I've been devoting pretty much all my unscheduled play time (aka non raid time) to leveling up a new Dark Iron paladin.  Something about the race/class fantasy of cleansing holy fire does it for me.  So far I've made it up to level 80 and I am really excited to get into Warlord of Draenor content to make use of some Blackrock style transmog gear, Blackhand's hammer in particular.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Resto Shaman to the Rescue!

With very limited time to sit down and play I've had a lot more time to think about what alt I might like to play with in addition to my druid than time to actually try it.  I finally settled on a shaman since I really like resto and also enjoy enhancement.  For some reason druid healing never really clicked for me; I suspect it is the proactive nature of healing over time spells, I prefer the direct approach.  Also I really like the shaman cooldowns like moving while casting and pulling out a big earth elemental.  Oh and I also like the resto DPS rotation.

So I started mucking about with my existing 110 Draenei shaman who I hadn't played, other than leveling, since I raided as resto in Cataclysm.  I wasn't feeling the Draenei for some reason so I played around in the character creation screens for quite some time weighing my options and thinking of cool names.  I finally settled on a Pandaren after working through the starting zone just to make sure.  I really like the race, but other than my monk which I never really got into, I hadn't made any others until now.  Finally got to use that 110 character boost I had been saving for a rainy day, and now I won't be tempted to boost my allied race alts and miss out on that racial transmog armor.

Which brings me to what was my next very important decision, what should my transmog set look like?  Sadly my molten offhand doesn't show correctly on the armory.  I wanted to show off that panda belly (I blame it on expecting a baby in the spring), but didn't want to go all chainmail bikini, so the options were limited.  I also really like greens and earth tones, which suits both druids and shamans well.  And lastly there are those golden accents on Pandaren around the tail and feet, so I wanted to incorporate that somehow so that it didn't look out of place.  Luckily I found some gloves and bracers that when combined both match the rest of the ensemble and poke out just enough of a gold band to add a subtle accent.  I had everything except the gloves and legs and had to spend a half hour or so questing in old content to get those.

On to leveling.  For some reason I must really like Stormsong Valley because I chose that as my first leveling zone again.  I was tempted to start in Drustvar since that is the one zone I haven't completed yet, but I really like the green hills over creepy forest.  After hitting 111, which seemed important to distance myself from my old shaman, I was ready to try healing a dungeon.  I set up my bars, added a few macros (mainly to combine some healing and DPS abilities based on target).

Uh oh, where's my healing weapon?  After all that I just realized the level boost had only left me with a pair of agility fist weapons, which was great and all for melee DPS, but not so great for healing.  It would be nice if the level boost process left you with some starter gear for other specs as well.  I wasn't feeling adventurous enough to just dive in and heal with a single fist weapon (since dual wield isn't a resto option), so I ported back to legion content to quick grab the resto artifact weapon figuring it would be a sure thing and have a decent enough item level.  Pretty quick and painless, and less annoying than waiting for a weapon loot reward to come up again and remembering to flip specs to try for an intellect version.

Finally ready to try for a normal random dungeon.  The queue was around 6 minutes so I went to visit the blood trolls while I waited.  Dungeon was ready mid mini-boss so I quick mopped that up accepted and flipped specs.  Pesky that I start with zero mana, but I wasn't mana limited at all so it wasn't a problem.  Lucky that since a couple of DPS in the group had already pulled.  The tank put the brakes on after that pull so I could drink up, which was good since I wasn't sure how fast I'd eat through mana at the time.

All and all things went pretty well, healing wise.  Our tank dropped group shortly after the first boss since the DPS were pulling half the dungeon and I know that can be frustrating for a tank.  Speaking of the first boss (we were in the Stormsong Valley dungeon), I felt like a hero when the tank got punted off the platform and I whipped out my earth elemental to save the day and we downed the boss minus one tank.  I had done the exact same thing the first time I tanked that one and was also saved by the healer, so I sort of passed it on in a sense.

A new tank popped up pretty quick, the DPS had just continued on with trash sans tank.  I didn't really feel the pain until we got to all the trash with ground effects, pulled way too many, and stood in everything.  I did loose a couple DPS here and there, but I don't feel too bad about not being able to heal through stupid.  We did wipe once on the trash leading up to the last boss, we got the whole bridge and I was getting stunned pretty often.  There weren't any complaints or anything and the second round went a lot better.

We wiped once on the last boss since all our DPS ended up mind controlled, and then me too since there weren't enough orbs up to break myself out.  After a quick strategy refresher we got it pretty easily.

It was a nice break from running the treadmill that is gearing and rep grinding the main.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Still Stuck With Item Level 325 Weapon...

I'm sure this isn't as large of an issue for those with more play time (I currently only play 3-8 hours a week and 3 of those hours are spent raiding), but the random number generator has just not been in an agility weapon providing mood.

I've been inundated with item level 340 intellect weapons and off-hands, and even got a 355 strength BOE drop in Uldir, but no agility weapons to be seen.

That isn't to say the RNG gods have not been kind, my average item level is currently at 353; so I am getting plenty of good drops as my gear level is pretty close to those that have gotten better weapons, but a better weapon would be a significant DPS boost.

I've been using my extra roll on Zek'voz every week and have even started running LFR, despite not enjoying it, to try and get the 340 version, but no luck thus far.  Hopefully that weapon will drop for me during tonight's raid...

The most frustrating part of all of this is that the emissary rewards are providing weapon rewards, but they have all been intellect weapons, and I don't have any immediate plans to ditch my teeth and claws for fancy hand waving.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Leveling Using a Tank Spec

After much deliberation on which toons to level to 100 and focus on for WoD I finally narrowed my options down to the four I was most interested in: two druids to cover all four specs (obviously I love druids), a rogue, and a monk.  My main druid is feral/guardian and an engineer, my favorite class, specs and profession.  My second druid is a leather worker which is handy since all my favorite toons wear leather.  My rogue is an enchanter/tailor so I can enchant, make bags, and unlock lock boxes.  Finally, my monk (previously also an engineer) has taken up alchemy to keep me stocked up with flasks for raiding, and just happens to not have a DPS spec.

At the end of the last expansion I was itching for another heirloom off of Garrosh, so I dropped my monk's DPS spec for a tanking spec so I could be guaranteed a drop by bringing a different toon, and be able to fill my normal role.  As it turns out everyone had similar ideas that last raid before the expansion and we never made it to Garrosh, but I got some gear and had fun playing a monk tank for the first time at what was then the max level.  Before that I've only tanked on a monk alt which has only made it to level 55.

So long story short when I wandered over to the dark portal to start leveling up, it slipped my mind that I had dropped my DPS spec.  I was going to hearth back and address that when it was brought to my attention that tanking damage has been changed and I probably didn't need to have a DPS spec.  A combination of curiosity and laziness compelled me to give it a shot, and I am glad I did.

Leveling using a tank spec is actually more efficient than using a DPS spec, at least in case of a monk vs a rogue, but I suspect this is also true for other classes.  I think a large contributing factor is that this is an alt swimming in rested experience, and a large advantage of being a tank is steamrolling large groups of mobs.  On my rogue I have to be much more careful about which mobs I pull and how many I can juggle at a time, but as a tank I just grab everything I can see, pummel it into the ground, and then see which quest objectives I missed.  More times than not for a gather X items or kill X mobs quest I finish it on the first try and then some.  It doesn't really tank any more time to AOE down a few more mobs, and they just add up to more experience.

So there is a caveat, leveling using a tank spec requires a change in tactics to play to your strengths.  AOEing large groups is possible which allows some multitasking completing multiple quests in the same area, but when single target DPS is required, for rare mobs for example, your DPS will be noticeably lower than a DPS spec and killing that rare will cancel out some of those time savings elsewhere.  Despite being a little slower, I've also noticed that I can take out rares and elites of a higher level as a tank; there isn't an enrage timer on them so slow and steady does indeed finish first.

I am enjoying my tank/healer dual spec and how that balances with the rest of my four toons.  I've got two tanks, two healers, two melee DPS and one ranged DPS.  There just isn't time to play every class/spec, but I'm already eying my hunter and death knight.  I'm toying with the idea of putting a little time in on the Horde side this expansion and coincidentally created a Horde hunter and death knight right at the end of Mists.  First things first, have to get geared for raid content.