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I do three things with the majority of my macros to keep my action bars behaving like they would without macros: I name all of my macros ' ' (a single space) so that there are no macro names on my action bars, I select the ? icon to use the ability/spell icon rather than one of my own choosing, and finally I preface each macro with '#showtooltip' so that when I mouseover a macro on my action bars it displays the tooltip properly as if it were just another ability/spell on my bar.

With those three things in mind there are a few basic macro templates I use for combining a number of different class abilities/spells.  To use any of the following templates simply cut-and-paste the italicized text and replace the text in curly braces (including the curly braces) with the name of the appropriate item, ability or spell.

Helpful/Harmful Ability/Spell

The first template I'd like to share combines a spell that can only be cast on a friendly target with a spell that can only be cast on an enemy target.  Like most good macros it combines two abilities that cannot or should not be used at the same time.  Whenever you have mutual exclusion you should think macro.

/use [mod,@player][noharm] {Helpful Ability/Spell}; {Harmful Ability/Spell}

Much like the configurable modifier key that casts a spell on yourself this macro makes it so that any modifier key (ctrl, shift or alt) will cast the helpful ability/spell on yourself.  If you aren't using a modifier key and have a friendly target selected the helpful ability/spell will be used on them, otherwise a harmful spell will be used.  Look through some of the class specific macros below for examples of this template.

Crowd Control Using Focus Target

Often times it is important to apply and maintain crowd control on a specific target while concentrating on other targets.  In these types of situations it is helpful to use your focus target to track what you want to keep crowd controlled and better yet use this macro template to handle applying crowd control to the right target automagically.

/focus [btn:2][@focus,noexists][@focus,dead]
/stopmacro [btn:2]
/use [mod][@focus,exists,nodead,harm][] {Crowd Control Ability/Spell}

This macro is almost automatic.  If you don't have a focus target, or your focus target died, the macro will set your focus to your current target and apply your crowd control ability/spell, after which you can switch targets and do whatever you want.  Hitting the macro a second time will reapply your crowd control ability/spell to the same target.  You can even watch your crowd control debuff in your focus frame to know when you need to reapply it.  If you screw up and/or need to switch focus targets you just right click the macro and it will update your focus to your currently selected target.  Finally if you want to crowd control a target other than your focus you can use a modifier key (ctrl, shift or alt) to ignore your focus target and apply your crowd control ability/spell to your current target.


Druid Macros

Stampeding Roar/Dash

This macro has pretty much one thing in mind, which is to go faster.  It looks are which form you are currently in and whether or not you are grouped and decides which ability would be best.  If you are not in a form you will be flipped to cat form, if you are in bear form it will use Stampeding Roar, if you are in cat form and in a group it will also use Stampeding Roar, and if you are in cat form alone it will use Dash.  Holding down a modfier key (ctrl, shift or alt) in cat form will use the other ability; Dash in a group or Stampeding Roar when alone.  This lets you use either speed boosting ability, or both, when the situation calls for it.  I also use this macro as a quick way to get into cat form.

#showtooltip [form:1] Stampeding Roar; [mod,nogroup][mod,nocombat][nomod,group,combat] Stampeding Roar(Cat Form); Dash
/use [form:1]Stampeding Roar; [noform:3] Cat Form; [mod,nogroup][mod,nocombat][nomod,group,combat] Stampeding Roar(Cat Form); Dash

Faerie Fire

This macro simply uses the correct form of Faerie Fire depending if you are in bear/cat form or not.

/use [form:1/3] Faerie Fire (Feral)(); Faerie Fire

Remove Corruption/Soothe

An example of the helpful/harmful ability/spell template combining Remove Corruption to cleanse friendly targets of debuffs and Soothe to remove enrage effects from enemy targets.

/use [mod,@player][noharm] Remove Corruption; Soothe


An example of the crowd control using focus template using the druid's Cyclone spell.

/focus [btn:2][@focus,noexists][@focus,dead]
/stopmacro [btn:2]
/use [mod][@focus,exists,nodead,harm][] Cyclone


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