Thursday, October 11, 2012

Aspect of the Fox

It appears as if my blog is back.  It was seemingly deleted accidentally a while back while transferring ownership to a different account.  I've since moved my attention to a new blog, Aspect of the Fox (, with much the same format, but without a pseudonym.  A little more on that in my first post on my new blog.

My main interest in keeping this blog around was originally just to facilitate the transfer of information from one to the other, but now that it is back I am glad to be able to revisit old posts again.  I've been blogging for quite a while now (over three years) and I anticipate extracting a lot of enjoyment out of reading through some old posts.

Seeing as this is likely the last post I will make here I feel I should say something uplifting or memorable; nothing comes to mind.  I am however happy to have the opportunity to extend an invitation to anyone still following this blog to continue to follow me in the future, now that you have the forwarding address and all.

Of Warcraft and Wooing

Yesterday marked a first for me, the first time I got online to play with others while my girlfriend was around.  I suppose this remark warrants a little back story.  We started dating early March and as our relationship progressed I naturally spent more time with her and less time online playing what was 4-5+ month old content at that point.  Signs outs become more frequent on my part and I more or less dropped off the face of Azeroth around the time my raid group downed Deathwing for the first time.

Without getting into the details of what has quickly blossomed into a very serious love filled relationship, I will touch on a recent event which relates to the topic.  At the end of last month my girlfriend moved in with me and over the course of a couple weeks we'd rearranged furniture and integrated all our worldly possessions into what has now become our home.  It was quiet an achievement to get to a point where we could enjoy an evening of leisure rather than plan which of a dozen projects we would tackle before getting to bed and going to work the next morning.  There is still a lot to do, but our living spaces are more or less in order and both cars are in the garage for winter.

The move coincided almost perfectly with the new expansion, and for the first week I hardly even had time to think about logging in.  My girlfriend does spend a fair bit of time traveling and as a result I got a few evenings in last week to start leveling up and preparing to raid.  We've talked quite a bit about my eventually setting aside an evening each week, and she has been very supportive, but it wasn't something I was interested in until the expansion was out.  Just spending time with the woman of my dreams was, and still is, far more appealing than time spent on the computer playing Warcraft.

The difference now is that we live together and have organized our home in such a way that our office, and by extension my computer, is more centrally located, rather than tucked away in an upstairs bedroom.  This confluence of planning and circumstance is what has allowed me to partake in the guilty pleasure that is Warcraft.  I say guilty pleasure because it  is, I can't help but to feel that I've done something wrong when sitting down to play computer games while my girlfriend is doing dishes.  Before anyone agrees too readily to that statement let me mention that it is just as likely to be me doing the dishes while she is otherwise occupied.  We are quite proficient at splitting up the housework.

Despite dropping my girlfriend off at the airport before the butt crack of dawn this morning, and my desire to get 25 more bars of experience before Brewfest ends, I will still be cleaning the bathroom first thing after work in preparation for company next week.  One beautiful thing about love is that even the most menial tasks, when done for love, can be as enjoyable and as fulfilling (if not more so) than any recreational activity.

I'm still tickled that my girlfriend brought me dinner while I was running dungeons with my guildies.  The evening went remarkably well with one notable exception that I wasn't able to pay as much attention to the voice chat over mumble as I would have liked.  It probably came off as a little rude on my part.  Working Warcraft back into my routine is a work in progress and I'm sure it will become easier over time to give my guildies the attention they deserve while at the same time not feeling like I'm ignoring the one I hold dear.