Thursday, March 26, 2009


People often invite me to duels out of the blue, sometimes they even ask first. In either case I usually accept unless they are either ridiculously high or low in level.

Somehow two duels that stand out recently were both against death knights. The first was outside ramps and I happened to be on my death knight as well. I was challenged to a duel out of the blue by a death knight a level lower than me, but sporting blues opposed to my questing greens so I went for it. Beat him without too much trouble and he gave me a nice set of green tanking legs afterwards. I was a little surprised and thanks him before going into the instance.

Speaking of ramps the most amusing world PVP occurred there a week or so ago. We have a guild alt run for ramps starting up and we were just getting finished summoning everyone and about to enter when I notice a flagged horde. My alt happens to be a resto shaman, but I attacked anyway. The resto of his party came at me including a couple death knights and I was put on the defensive doing all I could to keep myself healed. Of course my guildies chipped in and started attacking as well and before you know it we had a full blown brawl. With our two healers (and they say there is a shortage) and 3 dps (tanks are for sissies) we sent them packing. They ran back and straight into the instance except a couple lazy ones which didn't want to run back. The priest in their party came back out of the instance to rez them, but as soon as he started to cast he was flagged and we'd have none of that. After two deaths the priest gave up and so did we going ahead with our own run. Perhaps a little mean, but they deserved to walk back and it was a little funny.

Duels! That was the topic... yes. The second duel I had in mind was actually two duels. I was on my druid waiting with a couple guildies to start a heroic halls of lightening run. We were waiting on someone and got bored and somehow decided to duel eachother. I wound up dueling our death knight. I was in full dps gear and took him on in cat form. Prowl, Pounce, Bite, Claw, Slash and he went down and I was like at 30%. He asked for a rematch, but this time against my bear form. I of course flipped on my tanking gear healed myself up and accepted. I didn't lose more than 1k of health and dropped him and his pet easier than I had in cat form. Go figure, I was expecting a longer fight.

Oh one last duel I just remembered, again a death knight. I was waiting for my 25 OS run to start and was at the stone when one of our death knights started to prance around naked then summoned an army of the dead. I couldn't resist seeing how much damage the army could do to me so I challenged him to a duel. I won of course, but it was funny when he asked if he could put his clothes back on.

Not all my duels end in victory though, just this Tuesday I was leveling my death knight in Terrokar (2 bars till Northrend) when another death knight of the same level challenged me to a dual, I accepted and after a pretty long fight was beaten. After that I noticed I wasn't using rune strike at all, which would of flipped the odds in my favor for sure. Have that worked into my new macros now.

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