Friday, May 29, 2009

Sniknej Yoreel!

What? Leeroy Jenkins backwards of course.

That is precisely what happened on a guild Naxx run on wednesday.

We were just getting ready for our second attempt at Kel'Thuzad after a rather unfortunate incident with a banshee knocking back a healer and the worst possible timing for a frost blast ever.

The raid lead see everyone is ready and counts down over vent 3... 2... 1... go. We all run in and some of us slow down and notice our raid leader still sitting in the entrance.

We beckoned to him over vent to get moving, but he was disconnected and we already had a couple far enough to start the fight, chaos ensued. I made a snap decision and hearthed in the nick of time while the rest perished. In retrospect it took a bit longer that I had anticipated to fly back so I think I'll just go ahead and die in the future.

So pretty much the exact opposite of the Leeroy Jenkins incident.

We got it the next attempt though clearing naxx for our second time in just over 3 hours (we only run 3 hours a week).

It got a little hairy toward the end though. We lost our add tank so I ran over to pick the two big beetles up only to find the main tank dead soon after. I blew every cooldown I had and picked up the boss and the healers managed to keep me up to finish off KT. This is why I love my druid.

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