Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Coming Full Circle

It has been a while. Coincidentally I stopped posting around the same time raiding 4 nights a week became a little to much for me. You know how it is, so and so is recruiting for a raid, you're free that day, sounds like a good idea at the time and you stick your name in the hat. Then a few weeks later the person that recruited you and his brother leave and your the leader of 10 man raid that you weren't quite sure you were really all that into to begin with. Yeah I think that is just me.

Well in any case that raid used to be 4 hours both Tuesday and Thursday night, till I came right out and said that was too much for me with my resignation in hand. Turns out as I had suspected many felt the same and now we just run Thursday. Boom extra day to do whatever I feel like, even if that something happens to be raiding. Something has to be said for doing away with a fixed schedule. I look forward to getting Thursday back as well, but so long as I am leading I feel an obligation to stick around.

Long term I see myself sticking solely to guild runs which is where I started raiding in the first place. Which is where I see most of the core members of the guild have ended up. Must be the natural progression of a casual raider to go out there and see all you can see then find you were happiest where you were to start with.

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  1. Always good to know where you belong. Also, good to know who will put up with you and your crap and lies.