Monday, July 19, 2010

31pt Stealth Nerf?

Originally the plan was 5 more talent points and trees similar to the ones we currently have. Yay, 5 more points to flush out a couple more talents you wanted in your build. Boo, there is less of a compromise between level 85 builds if you are 5 points closer to everything you want. Plans changed and talent trees have been pruned to 31 points deep and the maximum talent points are cut in half. We only earn two or three new talent points from 80 to 85 depending on how our 1.875 levels per talent point are distributed.

Talent trees aren't finalized yet, but When working through them I can't help but to fear that today's builds at 80 will become tomorrow's builds at 85. Meaning that when the new trees go live level 80's would essentially lose 4-5 talent points which would be earned back leveling to 85. The only way to keep that from happening is for talents to get cheaper, which they are, and for there to be more of them on each tier, which also appears to be happening to some extent. Making some of the mandatory talents baseline also helps by providing more talent points to spend.

Ideally we'll be able to replicate our level 80 builds more or less in the new talent trees and then by 85 be able to pick up a couple new talents. We'll see how it balances out once the new trees are further along.

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