Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Really Despise Warcraft This Week

First off I'm on an epic RNG quest to loot a Sinister Squashling and a Hallowed Helm so I can get 310% flying this year. I've finished every other holiday meta in one or two days of fairly intense gaming. This holiday I am stuck on one last achievement which I could get tonight or I might not get at all. An entire year of work rests squarely on two rare loot rolls.

As if the RNG achievement wasn't enough the entire games freezes randomly when mousing over certain things. Most notably the pumpkin to summon the headless horseman, but also guild banks, portals and rumor has it mage tables. Seems tied to the holiday event somehow, but the workaround is to completely disable tooltips.

Finally the straw that broke the camels back I just realized that blessing of kings and gift of the wild are the same now. So my first inclination after learning that was to look at the drums I carry on most my toons to see if they were also the same.

Turns out the drums of the wild were changed to restore health and mana, yay!

Reading closer you see that the drum effect doesn't work if you are level 80 or higher, boo!

Next I think to myself, this could be really awesome for alts, yay!

Then I read again and see the level requirement to use them is still 80, boo!

So if you are a level 80 that can't normally heal then you can help out lower level friends or something. Another set of drums to add to the list of leatherworking items made obsolete.

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  1. Wait... you can't use them unless you're 80... but they don't work unless you AREN'T to 80?

    sense, this makes none.