Friday, November 5, 2010

That Organ Taunts Me So!

There are few things that can get me more riled up at the end of an expansion like that one last piece of loot that will become obsolete before the next month is out, but I still want. Especially when it slips through my fingers for what appears to be the very last time.

I would consider myself lucky in loot for the most part, I don't make lists, I take it as it comes and try to share with others and I get pretty much everything I want eventually. I generally focus on one item after regular upgrades stop trickling in. For my druid that is the unidentifiable organ and for my shaman that is now the shield off of Sindragosa.

Both my raids are going to push for a Lich King kill for the rest of the expansion which turns thoughts of, "I'll get it eventually.", to, "I'm going to side with boss next time and loot you." Such is the case with loot being my primary motivator after seeing new content and amusing conversations.

Shame I watched that movie of the Lich King dying, it totally took my new content motivation away from that fight. I already had limited interest in any of his loot, there aren't any huge upgrades if there are any at all. All I've got left is amusing conversation and after a while wiping on one boss that dwindles.

Perhaps I'll go scrounge up a group for Algalon, never did see him. :)

1 comment:

  1. Hmmm... Never did get your loot? Everyone noticed that you and your raid never made a Lich King victory either.

    Guess there is more to being a Raid Leader then trash talking about other players and raids.

    Maybe your team never got it done because they are like their leader who publicly announces not being a team player or believing in team work.

    Well at least you can go kill the Lich King after you level in Cataclysm. Sloppy seconds is better than nothing huh? LOL!