Thursday, October 11, 2012

Aspect of the Fox

It appears as if my blog is back.  It was seemingly deleted accidentally a while back while transferring ownership to a different account.  I've since moved my attention to a new blog, Aspect of the Fox (, with much the same format, but without a pseudonym.  A little more on that in my first post on my new blog.

My main interest in keeping this blog around was originally just to facilitate the transfer of information from one to the other, but now that it is back I am glad to be able to revisit old posts again.  I've been blogging for quite a while now (over three years) and I anticipate extracting a lot of enjoyment out of reading through some old posts.

Seeing as this is likely the last post I will make here I feel I should say something uplifting or memorable; nothing comes to mind.  I am however happy to have the opportunity to extend an invitation to anyone still following this blog to continue to follow me in the future, now that you have the forwarding address and all.

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