Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jump! Jump!

I had an Oculus group turn into a tween hip hop duo last night when one of the drakes was pulled from behind as we were killing a group of trash on the inner ring.

The one ranged DPS we had was the one that pulled it and died early on, another melee we had was just starting heroics and died shorty after due to AOE from the trash.

So it's a warrior tank and my enhancement shammy along with the healer that finished off the trash mobs and started in on the blue drake. The tank successfully brought it onto the platform using line of sight, but it was still a meter or so too high to hit.

The tank and I spent the next few minutes jumping up and down to swack at the dragon as best we could eventually getting it down.

I've had drakes pulled while no one was mounted before, but the drakes were always more or less at ground level. So keep in mind if you can't reach as melee, don't just stand there, jump!

1 comment:

  1. Ha!

    A couple times against the last boss I've been in tree spec, died over a platform and stood there and healed the drakes... and one time dropped in tank spec dropped into bear form and started hitting him...