Monday, February 8, 2010

Just When I'd Given Up Hope

Yes ICC heroic runners, there is a battered hilt. I managed to run Forge of Souls the day it came out and have run it pretty much every day since along with Pit of Sauron and occasionally Halls of Reflection. Until this weekend I had not seen a single hilt drop. Actually I didn't see a single hilt drop this weekend either technically, I saw two drop.

The first I saw drop I actually won and that was on my hunter who is my least geared 80 and queuing for the ICC heroics while I mine ore to level up blacksmithing on my death knight. Ironically it dropped off a mob I body pulled since I wasn't looking behind me.

It was Pit of Sauron and we has skipped the first few mobs by skirting along the right side. We even skipped the caster pat with its skeleton minions and just went straight into the boney worker types. As you've probably guessed we didn't kill the skeletons before that pat came back and guess who the hunter in the back was.

By the time I pulled it the tank had already jumped down and couldn't get back up to me so I was left to my huntery devices to feign, and proceed to misdirect everything onto the tank before I or the healer went splat. It all worked out and much to my surprise I looted to find a completely foreign graphic, it was a battered hilt! Everyone rolled need, I won, we moved on to complete a very uneventful instance. Bet that tank that left right after zoning in felt a little bummed and didn't know why.

After that I immediately sent that quest item to my druid and began the quest chain for my Lightborn Spire. That quest chain is easily one of the best in the game, it's a shame so few will get to experience it.

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