Friday, June 5, 2009

Really Weird Dream

I had a strange dream this morning and seemed to remember every detail when I woke up. I thought I'd share.

I start out watching a van drive straight off a cliff 3rd person. My parents, sister and I are riding in it, but they aren't really my family. It is a sawtooth winding road up the cliff side and the van hits a couple of the landing further down, but comes away unscathed. There is a building at the bottom and a great big body of water which the van plunges into at the end of the fall.

When I come to I am in the building and my parents task my sister and I with recovering our luggage from the crash. We swim out and dive down immediately finding some of the bags. There are a lot of sharks swimming around, but they don't seem interested in us and are easily avoided.

We get back with the bags and open them up to see what we had. I grabbed a pair of goggles and a snorkel and we were off again to get the rest. We never found it.

However we did manage in our search to find the underwater ruins of a city. Sharks were everywhere still, but remain disinterested in us. There were also undead both corporal and ghostly types. They again took no interest in us and we continued to search.

Air pockets were here and there inside buildings where we caught a breath now and then, but eventually the distinction between air and water faded. This happened sometime after meeting my grandmother in one of the buildings.

Our grandmother was instantly recognizable like my parents and sister were to me, yet they were not really them. Thinking about it now I feel more as if I was acting a role, but at the time I felt they were who they appeared to be.

In any case we find our grandmother in one of the building we searched, she was one of the ghostly types. We asked if there was a message of some sort she'd like to return with us to our parents. She gave us a small pair of shoes and reluctantly gave up a notebook as well.

We swim/walk off again. The distinction between air and water has diminished to the point where swimming back up to the surface is more or less impossible. We return to my grandmother and beckon her to come with us to live with her family and watch her grandchildren grow up rather than live down here alone.

She refuses to come but does offer to help us back. She instructs us to wrap metal rods around our waists which seems to allow her to push us upward. We are still climbing up and over crates and decaying buildings to get up all the while rubble is falling down toward her as she stand at the bottom willing us upward. We got far enough up to see the brightness of the day above; the world below was in a constant state of twilight.

We decide the risk of falling debris is too great and return to the bottom rather than risking hurting our grandmother. We head back to her house and regroup. At this point we explore the rouse further. We had been meeting in the kitchen up till now, but there was also a bedroom and a dining room among others that were not used.

In the bedroom on the second floor the windows had broken out and there was an organic membrane enclosing parts of the room from the outside as well as trapping a pocket of air which we used to catch a breath now and again. At one point I broke the membrane and poked my head through into an air pocket for a breath when the membrane tightened around me. I struggled to get free and eventually did after a short struggle peel it off.

After getting free I went to look out the window to notice a man, one of the fleshy types demanding something from my grandmother. It was a dish of some sort and he came in and searched the dining room for it. We looked at a bunch of inverted dishes with different patterns painted on top, but never found it and he left shortly after.

At this point our grandmother has agreed to come back with us to the surface and begins to pack up her things and give us each a bundle to carry. She is rather protective of the bundle she packs for herself.

At some point I notice my snorkel has broken off from my goggles, but I am relived to find it in my pocket. I put it back on. We also notice that of all the buildings down here my grandmothers is the only one with electricity and working lights.

So we make our way up through some really cramped passages used to route wires and pipe through a building. We passed one fleshy type guy with some tools working in a side passage, but continue on. Eventually crawling into a car on the surface. My parents were once again driving and the three of us at in the back.

We had the feeling that we were still not back to where we were, it was still twilight. We drove along a tree lined road and were trying to close the windows which were all open a couple inches at the top but would not work.

We eventually got back to the house by the water together and went inside. My grandmother was talking to my parents and everything seemed ok until my grandmother began to blacken and decay around the mouth first, then spreading from there. She eventually rotted away before our eyes leaving only a few scraps of tattered clothing. All the while muttering about how this should not be happening while I was thinking how the presence of more oxygen here somehow accelerated this. Then I woke up 15 minutes or so before my alarm.

Very few elements of the dream made much sense to me when I thought about them more. Usually I am able to identify with something I did the previous day. It was also odd in the sense that it didn't have any of the usual themes I usually dream about. Afterward I get the sense that everyone died in that initial crash, but at the time I was certain to be alive. You'd also think it would be a nightmare, but I never felt myself in danger. It wasn't a lucid dream either where I know I am dreaming and have nothing to fear, I was unaware of the dream and still felt at peace.

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