Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Too Much?

I feel I may have over extended myself in terms of scheduled play time. I recently signed up for a two night raid on my shaman in addition to three nights of raiding on my druid. Five nights of raiding!

Now I am always looking to run something since I find solo play pretty blah for the most part so it is in a way a good thing that I don't have to look for that something if it is a weekly event. On the other hand there are all those spur of the moment guild things that can't be planned for which are really fun. Had to ignore three of those yesterday although in reality I'd only been able to do one of them anyway if I was free.

My plan, once upon a time, was to level my three favorite classes: druid, shaman, hunter and have each participate in a weekly raid. My druid being my main would work on 25 man content (1 or 2 nights a week) and my shaman and hunter would work on 10 man content (one day a week each).

I was a little slow in the alt leveling, my druid wound up in a 25 man two nights a week as intended and an additional 10 man guild run. My hunter was next on the scene and got a 10 man gig which has since gone on hiatus. My shaman dinged 80 shortly after and recently had the opportunity to join a new 10 man which is running twice a week.

So there are a couple deviations from my original plan. Perhaps time will fix it. If I have learned one thing about raiding though, you take the opportunity when you can get it. That kinda works for everything actually.

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