Friday, June 5, 2009

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Bear rotations and debuff trackers. Not cat rotations, I guess everyone has learned that there is no "rotation" for cats anymore and that would also explain the interest in tracking debuffs.

I don't quite understand the interest in bear rotations though. Perhaps there just isn't a good resource on it. I wrote up an article on it previously, bear "rotation", but I'll revisit it quickly and perhaps more simply.

There isn't really a rotation anymore (not sure there ever was a rotation for bears) it is all a priority thing like most every other class/spec is now. Bears also generate so much threat it really isn't all that important to agonize over the perfect order to use your abilities. There are certainly more important things to focus on while tanking.

That said there is certainly a priority of abilities to maximize threat on a single target. Use mangle every time it is up. Use feral faerie fire every time it is up. Keep up 5 stacks of lacerate and just keep spamming that if mangle and faerie fire are on cooldown. Spam maul every swing you can so long as you have the rage to do so.

Not sure if swipe still scales better than lacerate since the whole bleeds critting thing. I doubt it. Even if it does I prefer lacerate since if I get stunned or for some reason am unable to attack my lacerate can still proc savage defense. Even if I am able to attack the extra chance of landing a crit is nice.

For multiple targets add swipe into the mix and flip targets around to keep aggro. Toss a roar in there too for some extra threat and to take less damage assuming you don't have a warrior in there with you. If your DPS is all focusing on the same target then swipe should be enough to hold the rest leaving you to focus on the current target and get a head start on threat for the next target.

The only thing I sometimes save is my feral faerie fire. It is useful as a second taunt of sorts. If a new add comes in with no threat on it a faerie fire does fine to pull it over and/or keep it off a healer.

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