Monday, February 16, 2009

25-Man Tanking Debut

Yesterday was the first time I can say with certainly that I tanked 25 man content. Can't count offtanking a bit of trash here or there or hopping in to replace a dead tank or even the loot pinata that is Archavon. I soaked up the hatefuls on patchwerk! There was one wipe, but after a healing reorganization we came through with seconds to spare.

Little did I know the shortage of tanks in BC wouldn't transfer into WotLK, shame since I really love tanking. I am actually in a DPS role in both my 10 and 25 man runs, but remain tank specced. At first as I was running heroics and it opened more doors, but as it stands now I am putting out decent damage too so I have no desire to respec. I had originally planned to look at a pure cat spec come dual specs, but looking at how I've been scaling as I gear up I am pretty set on going for resto as my 2nd spec right now. I have maintained a decent healing set since forever (even while leveling) and have always been confident in healing regular instances and some of the easier heroics. Having a tree spec would allow me to heal 10 mans given my current gear.

Enough about that though, I took 2.5 million damage opposed to the main pally tanks 2 million (not sure if I should be proud of that or not yet). I have never seen that much damage fly by so fast.

As the only feral druid that evening I had first and only dibs on a few nice upgrades. Haven't gotten that much stuff since my first couple trips through Kara. Spent the majority of my DKP still on a couple generic physical dps items, an amulet and cloak.

Can't help but to wonder how savage defenses will affect the patchwerk fight. I have yet to look closely at the numbers, but my gut tells me it will be a nerf for this fight.

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