Monday, February 16, 2009

And so it begins...

After reading other druid (and hunter) blogs related to World of Warcraft over the past few months I've always fancied writing my own. Decided to go for it after reading BBB earlier as his account of an AN pug and saying to myself, wow I did that just the other day, but without as much drama.

So a bit about me, I started playing WoW seriously a little over a year ago, before that it took a few 10/14 day trials to get me hooked. Before that I was playing Tibia, another MMO which got me started into all this.

Starting out well after the release of BC I was wobbling back and forth between my druid, Sveika, and my hunter, Elu. My druid was level twenty-something when I upgraded to BC and made a draenei hunter. I ended up leaving my druid back at level 30ish and my hunter made it to 70 first. I got involved with a guild Kara run and eventually a 25 man run doing SSS and TK. Once my hunter was settled into the end game I focused back on my druid.

I actually came back to my druid since a couple other guildies had toons around the same level and were working on those at the same time. The people that had brought me into the guild even. That kept up till the low 50s and then I was back on my own for the rest of the way to 70. Oddly enough I liked my druid much better despite the fact I had abandoned her earlier to take the easier path of the hunter.

Just reaching 70 only a couple months before the next expansion (I came to find out later) I crafted myself some starter tanking gear and the week after I hit 70 I was tanking the guild Kara run. My hunter joined a second guild Kara run and continued to run 25 man content weekly. My druid slowly geared up to the point where I was looking to run 25 man content and boom, the expansion.

Lucky me I had of course planned a trip to Yellowstone the week of the expansion. So I was a little late getting started, but only two weeks this time opposed to an entire year or so. I so enjoyed my druid so I was of course going to level her up first, but my 25 man was still counting on my hunter and I certainly did not want to let them down. About the point when my druid was 73 and my hunter 71 my druid was accepted into my 25 man in place of my hunter, a bunch of other people swapped mains at that point as well. Haven't touched my hunter since.

So here I am with the tables turned, my druid running in a guild naxx run in addition to 25 man content and my hunter left behind. This time my hunter will most likely remain dormant as I have three other alts that I am working on.

I have a rogue which is leveling mostly just for the enchanting/tailoring professions. It is convenient to be able to mail greens and cloth and take care of simple enchants and bags on your own. Not to mention having enchanting mats handy saves some money at the AH. At level 39 at the moment, so a bit more to go before I can start sharding northrend greens.

I also have a resto shaman (yes I have been leveling resto the whole time) which is now at 58 and just starting into the outlands. I preferred the shaman for healing over the other healing specs I've tried, but with dual specs coming out my druid will be handling my healing urges for a while.

Lastly I have a death knight (who doesn't) on the horde side which I log onto from time to time. My guild has a guild of horde alts which meet once in a while to run instances and do group quests. Surprisingly enough there are a lot of death knight there now and yes you can run ramps with just 4 death knights.

I have a bunch more smaller alts which I play with from time to time, everything except the 'W' classes, warriors and warlocks. Not sure why that worked out that way, but for some reason I have no desire to play those classes.

So there you have it, more back story that you ever wanted, but ever so slightly less than I wanted to type.

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