Friday, February 20, 2009

Off-Spec, Off-Role, Off the Charts Fun

Last night just before I was thinking of heading to bed a guildie was looking for a tank, healer and dps for regular nexus. For some reason I saw healer and was instantly compelled to heal. So I volunteered. I was also on Skype with my sister's roommate at the time who plays a hunter and she also agreed to help out.

So we never did find that last DPS, so we four manned it. So here we have our 72 ret pally, 71 rogue, an 80 survival hunter and an 80 feral tank decked out in healing gear (1360 bonus heals). All numbers are from memory, but close enough.

So we got summoned and were waiting for our hunter to get her butt scratching tanking pet, still level 79. In the meantime I saw a flagged shammy on his flying mount by the stone. I quick flipped to my pvp gear and pounced on him, got him a good way down before he took off as the rogue says "whoa!" in party chat, "you almost killed him". Found that amusing although I was rather dissapointed my stun missed; should of put on my dps gear for the extra hit, but I was thinking ahead to an all out blood bath if more horde jumped in.

So our hunter tank gets back and we head in. We buff and I ask our tank to have at the first pull. With a little hesitation the gorilla goes in and we are off. Healing is not bad at all and my mana regen is high enough that I can dps a little without any worries.

So we get a few pulls in and it is going a little slow so I flip to bear gear heal up and gather up the next three pulls and we tear them down. We get the the trash around the first boss and after the first pull I noticed they they do AOE damage, which is considerably bad when you have all low level melee DPS and no healer. Pretty sure we lost one here, had our 70's die a total of maybe 4 or 5 times. Used two battle rezzes and two OOC rezzes I can remember.

So I go back to healing at that point, fun fun. First boss was awesome, I started out healing, but eventually the pet couldn't handle the split and all hell broke loose, I flipped to bear in healer gear and 3 of us lived to the end. Poor gorilla died too.

Healing along to the second boss without incident, still on skype we were organizing crowd control between sleep, roots and ice trap. Our pally was stunning mobs here and there too so one pull of 4 we actaully cced everything.

The second boss was pretty easy. I did a little AOE mixed in with my heals to help take the adds and rifts down.

It is amazing some of the things you pick up on healing an instance that you would completely miss while tanking or dpsing. Most of which is who takes what damage from what when. Like doing the instance for the first time in many respects.

We blow though the trash to the 3rd boss and take it down again pretty easily. I got hammered by one spike on a long heal, flipped to cat to avoid taking extra damage. Near the end I went kitty to burn it down.

Little more trash to the last boss and on the way we are all wondering how it is going to go down. The pet can't be moved easily to avoid the damage over time, but it turns out that it can be done to some extent. I was bouncing around like a stereotypical night elf occasionally stopping to cast a larger healer. End of the fight I actually had to make a choice of who to save and who to let die (best part of healing is the choices like that), so we lost one, but boss was defeated. Got through in like 45 minutes. Was awesome fun and I can't wait to do another instance like that.

In other off spec news, prior to my nexus run I ran a heroic old kingdom with some guildies. It was the last heroic I hadn't completed so it sounded like fun even though I needed nothing from it save badges.

We had your usual learning the fights wipes, but made the timer for the daily and ten backtracked to take down the bosses we skipped. Turns our that big shroom gave us the most trouble. Our healer remembered good shrooms and bad shrooms so our first attempt I ran around with the boss beating on the healthy shrooms, later in the fight noticing that they remove the mini debuff. They were mostly extinct the first wave since I had eaten them all. We wiped eventually after both healers bit the bullet, poison shrooms no doubt and the boss seems to like to hit people at random.

The second attempt after a brief break and reading about the fight I confirmed that the healthy shrooms indeed remove the debuff and that the debuff reduces you damage which I noticed as well as you defense by 500. Good thing I am a bear and don't use defense to stay crit immune.

First our hunter goes down by a poison shroom, that poison is quite nasty. Then we loose our mage, then our healer. So it is just me and our ret pally Friginn (he asked for some attention), and we finish off the last 10% or so of the boss with him healing. So yeah that is the off-spec tie in.

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