Thursday, February 26, 2009

Catch 22

If you rarely farm mats, don't do dailies, play on alts when not raiding then an epic flying mount isn't all that appealing, but I still want one! The irony is the things your epic flying mount is most useful for are the very same things you need to do to get one.

I find myself hovering between 1000 and 2000 gold at any given time across all my toons. I do make more money than I spend, but I don't generally make it all that fast. Most my money goes to repairs, enchants, gems and random stuff I can't be bothered to farm. I play warcraft to have fun, not to grind for hours.

Anyways I have actually been doing the Sons of Hodir dailies. ~gasp~ I know, how unlike me, but I figured the shoulder enchants are nice and I'd make some money. Turns out I don't make all that much more than I would not doing dailies. Of course I could do more dailies, but that gets into the whole boring grind territory.

I am getting close to the 2000 gold mark again and then dual specs will come out and I will want at least two toons to have that, back to square one. Perhaps the epic flight skill will get cheaper one day.

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