Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gone are the Days of Creative Pulls

Used to be back in the day feral faerie fire was pretty lame and growl had no range on it. We druids used balance spells to pull and get a little aggro on multiple mobs during a pull. Wrath and a double moonfire for 3 mobs seemed most used. Hurricane was awesome for AOE pulls, but with the cooldown you couldn't use it all the time.

With the buffs to tanking grabbing aggro and keeping it is nowhere near as fun as it once was, I can just tag one mob now with faerie fire and maybe growl on a 2nd then just beat them as they run to me. I still do the hurricane thing once in a while for kicks, but I can't remember the last time I used wrath and moonfire I only use to tap quest mobs from flight form pretty much (evil I know, as I flip to cat form and land without a scratch).

My all time favorite pull was a line of sight pull down the ramp for the trash before opera in Karazan. I stealth up, wrath + moonfire the first pull of two once the pat is gone, flip to cat and dash downstairs to the group, flip to bear and tank my heart out. Any pull that uses all 3 druid forms has to be cool.

Gone are the days of pulling with balance spells perhaps, but there is always our new crowd control. I just love rooting melee mobs and sleeping beasts, sometimes both, to pull then pick them up as the CC breaks. By then the other mobs are usually dead and it takes some burden off the healer, but mostly it is just fun.

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