Friday, February 27, 2009

Because It's Red, That's Why

Ran AQ40 last night for my first time. Was a pug consisting mostly a 25 man raiding group which some guildies run with, few other guildies and some other people.

So loot rules are laid out, greed everything except mounts you already have and pass on the red one. Of course a few dissidents like myself suggested needing the red one would be a better course of action, but it was decided that someone would roll greed and be upset.

Somewhere in the back and forth on red bugs and how rare they were someone said that one probably would not drop so we wouldn't have to worry about it. I replied that I was lucky and one would drop off the very first mob.

Well it did. Can't say for sure it was the first mob, but after looting the first pull sure enough we got a red beetle. Sure enough most people passed as instructed, but being the untrusting sort when it comes to people I don't know I waited it out a little. Surprise surprise, someone greeded it; probably just not paying attention and greeding everything. At that point I greeded as well as did one other. Roll took till two pulls after to complete, so I think someone put a lot of thought into it or something.

I won it though, doubling my number of mounts. Won a blue beetle off a greed roll later on in the evening too tripling my number of mounts I came in with. More importantly I got the achievement for AQ40 leaving just BWL.

Enough bragging about the red bug I never knew I wanted. We didn't have much of any trouble except on the twins, after tanking assignments went out (and I wasn't included) I figured I'd just dps. Well tanking was only happening on one side of the room so after I figured out how the fight worked by observation I just started picking up the melee twin and sure enough things started to work better. Sad I didn't notice sooner as the enrage timer came up soon after and we wiped. 2nd attempt went pretty smooth though, only lost the melee guy 3 times (once was my fault).

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