Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Three Heroics, Yay!

I am lucky to get one heroic done on any given day, but yesterday I had the pleasure of doing three.

Started out in AN (I abbreviate so as no to butcher Azul-Nerub to badly). Had the usual skirmisher healer mixup at the start of the first boss and my poor healer got chopped down. Luckily between a few cooldowns and a a shadow priest tossing a couple heals we lived and I got a battle rez off before the next group. Rest went like clockwork cept one unlucky wipe on the last boss.

Not to shabby for essentially 4 manning it, we brought along a guildie for his very first heroic.

I did do a little reading on skirmishers, turns out that a hunter's tranquilizing shot will calm them down so they go back to the tank rather than aggroing on the person farthest from them. Would of been good info considering there were two hunters in the party. I generally just go with the kill them first plan which always seems to work pretty well.

After AN it was off to Violet Hold for some easy badges. Got the water boss for the first time in quite a while and the etheral. Now the etheral I had kited successfully at least a half a dozen times without incident, but yesterday I must of gotten just a little too far away from the orbs and the entire group got teleported to almost certain death. Luckily one of the hunters hit disengage right away and survived to watch the boss die. This all happened while the boss was at less than 1%. Rest of the group ran back in and had time to skin some dragons and grab badges before the next portal.

You do notice the missing DPS bringing along someone who'd never done heroics. We got 2 and 3 adds from portals where we usually only get one. More rep though so it wasn't really a problem, unless you were our healer and forgot to put you tabbard on till just now.

The last heroic we did was Utgarde Pinnacle, and people say that it is hard. We lost our brand new DPSer and got another new to WotLK guildie to fill in. He'd run a few heroics so had a bunch of his quest rewards replaced already.

Skipping stuff speeds things along so I pulled to the right to avoid the first pull and just take out a few skeletons, we jump... oh my where is that hunter pet going. So we killed the first pull of 3 then took out the Abom for good luck since we'd be coming that way from the last boss anyway.

Went for the achievement on the first boss, wiped once then got it the 2nd time easy. Turns out the people like to AOE the adds and when there is the abom to keep alive they get wary and let the healer die. I usually take out the adds more or less single handedly as the tank since I have nothing better to do while ranged DPS continues on the boss. This time I was of course dancing with an abom to get him under the sword without me getting under it too.

Rest of the instance went pretty smooth, missed the spear achievement, but we volunteered a self admitted slow clicker to do it. Had one near wipe on a line of sight pull; healer got heal happy, but my battle rez was ready again and everything went fine.

Three battle rezzes while tanking that night, new personal best I think.

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