Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dirty Dailies

It struck me yesterday, my first day of doing dailies honored with the Sons of Hodir, that they have some pretty dirty quest names.

Polishing the Helm

Blowing Hodir's Horn

Thrusting the Spear (and before you can thrust it you must do a quest to raise it!)

I like my shoulder enchants as much as the next gal, but what exactly do I have to do to get them? I suppose things get lonely without any Daughters of Hodir.

Historically I have never done dailies. Yes I know they give you money and no I do not have my epic flying form yet. Still there always seems to be something more exciting to do. I could get used to this doing a few dailies every day, but lets not jinx it.

I did get to do thrusting the spear for the first time. I heard the horror stories and had already done some reading on how the quest works. Sadly the devil is in the details. First attempt I tried spearing the dragon from the air, after all I had used a similar method to jump between dragons for a previous quest in mid air. Turns out it dismounts you and you fall to your death, provided you manage to get into combat prior to getting your flight form off.

For my second attempt I decided to start on the ground, easy enough. Finding dragons was a little slow since lot of people were doing the quest it seemed. I spear my dragon and started stabbing away when I noticed I forgot to heal after my rez. I let go and flipped to bird form and made it safely back to the ground to heal and grab yet another dragon.

Third time is the charm and with any luck I will get it first time today.

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